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2006 baby talk

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我把能听懂的写在下面了。可是我英文不好,还有好多单词和句子没有听出来,我用(?)标了出来。这个就得请教下新加坡粉丝,那些单词是什么了 我把碧仁说的话用粗体表示。

everybody knows the popular actress Huang Biren on Channel 8. we know how for her immense beauty a wonderful talent and all her acting achievements.
however, earlier this year she achieved something of a completely different nature.
she became a mother for the very first time.
stay with us it's baby talk talk to her about motherhood pregnancy and her views on being a celebrity parents.
veteran actress Huang Biren is no stranger to our television screens and this award-winning actress has just gone from winning us over with a winsome looks and demure nature to enter the ranks of motherhood.

I'm also psychologically prepared for having one baby because since about four years after marriage.
so it's like a taking nature's cause.

when it comes to pregnancy everyone's equal and Biren did have her (?) share of food cravings.

I remember having the crave of eating (?doliens).
almost every week I'd to go out with my husband.
we will go to some places get some (?).

after a tough early pregnancy in Taiwan, (?Biren had all the tender loving when she returns a Singapore.
so what was labor life for her)

the whole labor process was just like a few hours so it was actually a painless of me but one thing not too good was I had this side effect from (?).
I vomited a lot about five six times during the delivery and I shook a lot.
not because I was cold it was just a side effect from that.
so it was quite bad.

as with most first-time chinese mothers, there are lots of traditions to follow.
we find out what Biren confinement was like and how motherhood was in the first month

actually I have an advice that you should not be doing compartment but I did not believe in that because I believe that keeping yourself clean is very important because during that one month of confinement actually breastfeed at my baby.  so to keep clean is very important.

the benefits of breastfeeding and (?), and Biren certainly made the right choice to breastfeed her baby

I knew all the benefits and advantages of giving my baby breast milk such things like it as all this antibodies in it which no formula milk has (?up to date) has all the proteins and irons and everything the baby needs.
I spend my 4 days in hospital and that time my milk flow wasn't that good.
so my baby was relying on this formula milk.
so when he'd get back it was quite a difficult for him to actually shift one from the milk to breast of feeding and he doesn't really want to let on at first.

fellow actress in good friend Pan Lingling named her son Beckham after Manchester United star player David Beckham.
but what Biren in her Justin's name was more ordinary

because my husband is an ardent fan of this Liverpool team.
so thinking why not named my boy on one them who
is on the best player in liverpool

names are important especially when you're choosing one for your newborn.
so what made Biren decide on Justin

I like the meaning in it.
Justin itself means just and righteous which I very much want my son, my child to be like this to have a correct like this

after being used to a hectic filming schedule, life home with her newborn baby must be a different experience how his mother had changed her life

everything we do as just in your come first.
because safe I have to go for a dinner with my husband or myself to meet other friends know that I have to make sure that Justin has somebody to look after

the excitement of motherhood still fresh in her mind Biren (?) about the joys of motherhood

and I remember the first time he smiled at me is so beautiful.
another come feeling is very wonderful.
only as a mother you can experience that come thing.

like all parents Biren has to decide how she wants to bring up her child and she has her own views on discipline

of course I don't believe in (?) and (?) hands on children.
but if really need to, I would say I will not consider not doing it.
but of course it has to be a (?) limit to it

unlike most mothers Biren has regained her figure very quickly what was a secret

I actually did this breast feeding which helped a lot because when you do breast feeding it actually make your uterus contract grow very fast.
so for that I remember for that one month of confinement I actually did a lot of breast feeding from a baby and that really cut down a lot of (?) yourself

but what most fans would like to know is when will be Biren back on TV

right now I choose to go back to the industry I have to renegotiate the contract again with a company so (?since I have not before it actully).

well we wish Biren all the best on that.
but what about little Justin?
will he be going into show biz as well ?

I wish him choose what he wants.
I would get him at the same time decision is he (?)

Baby Talk wants to extend a very warm welcome to Biren into the wonderful world of parenting.
next we're going to go into the home of mother for the third time Wendy Jacobs and have famous footballer husband Bundy a lot to see how they play ball and celebrity parody


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视频中主持人还提到what most fans would like to know is when will be Biren back on TV ,感觉像06、07年播完迷云的那段时间  反正我是糊涂啦

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视频中主持人还 ...

这个视频第一次看到  感觉不像08年的样子   
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hois 发表于 2018-4-17 21:10

视频中主持人还 ...

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