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The Best of Biren
Huang Biren needs no introduction to Singaporeans. She’s been voted All Time Favourite Artiste Award, Star Awards 2009, was a Best Actress Nominee at the Asian Television Awards 2007, and has made the top 10 list of most popular female artistes in nearly every year since 1997.

She’s played some of the most demanding roles on local television, a gambling addict and in the process acquired the nickname of “the Meryl Streep of MediaCorp”. We caught up with this leading lady as she enjoys her well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of filming.

LW: What to you is the definition of living well?
Biren: If you know how to live your life, then you’re living well.

LW: can you tell us some of the pitfalls we might experience when we’re trying to discover how to live our lives?
BIREN: You must have a very crystal clear mind about how you want to live your life. When you know basically what you want life to be, its a matter of when you achieve it. Then, take things easy. If you go according to your plans, you then have a goal in life. You’ll taking things easier, and things will go smoother for yourself.

LW: So would you say you’re getting there or you’re already there?
BIREN:I’m still learning actually. It’s a journey of learning. You can’t say you’ve reached the limit no matter what. I’m always constantly absorbing new information.

LW: Do you find that your previous experience as an actress helps you in any way to balance family and work?
BIREN: Definitely it does. As an artiste, actually, it helps one way or another to better communicate with the children.

LW: We notice that you’re the ambassador for Ginvera Grorich Anti-Dandruff Shampoo as well as BeauteHub.
BIREN: GroRich has products ranging from shampoo to conditioner, which if you use everyday, basically these products help a lot with the condition of your hair. And the BeauteHub endorsement came at just the right time because I was just giving birth then.

LW: Did you have any previous problems with your hair at the time?
BIREN: Yes. I had hair loss problems, especially due to hormonal imbalances while I was pregnant. When you are pregnant you’re bound to have hair loss because of hormones. And as an actress, I have to keep my hair long... So during that time, my hair loss was quite alarming. One pass of the comb through my hair and a whole clump of hair came off - it was distressing.

LW: So it’s not just an endorsement deal? You wholeheartedly recommend grorich products?
BIREN: Yes! They are in my shower room ... and a part of my life. My hair now is healthier and fuller than before.

LW: You have acted in so many drama series, would it be possible for you to point to a particular role that is dear to your heart?
BIREN: It’s quite impossible to just point out one... I have a few that are quite memorable to me.
LW: This is probably the last question, in the future, do you have think there is a chance you’ll go back into acting? Or in other words, what kind of plans do you have for your future?
BIREN:I don’t exactly have er so called plans yet but I really really wish that in the future I can make a movie, because for my 20 over years in the industries, I haven’t had a chance to appear on the big screen. There were people who approached with offers but the production did not materialize. So I really hope that i will be able to have a chance to do just one movie.

LW: We’re sure someone will find you and give you a worthy role for you to sink your teeth into.
BIREN: I hope so. It’s really my dream. But if something happens, hopefully it materialises before my child’s PSLE because I’ll be very very busy then.



碧仁的最好一面The Best of Biren

她接演了本地电视圈最具挑战性的角色,其中包括饰演了好赌成性的“烂赌婆”,也在过程中获得“新传媒的梅丽•史翠普Meryl Streep”之美誉。











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